Skincare is Self-Care: 5 Steps to Better Skin This Year

18 March 2021

Your skin is the first thing someone notices about you, therefore, it's essential to give it all the love and care that it deserves. However, watching people with flawless complexion on various social media platforms might have made you feel inadequate, but having skin flaws is normal. Everyone has them. But, in order to better your skin this year, it's important to approach skincare as an integral part of self-care. Meaning, it's necessary to implement certain steps and habits that will boost the health of your skin, and therefore, make it look better. Therefore, here are some ideas that you might consider.

1. Routine, routine, routine

Maybe you feel a bit tired hearing all about various skincare routines, but having a routine set up will help your skin get used to it properly. If you're not someone who loves spending a lot of time in the mirror, doing the complicated 12-step routine, then here's some good news: your routine needs much less than that: cleansing and moisturizing are often more than enough to give your skin the optimal care that it needs during the day and night. However, in order for it to work, it's important to do it twice a day: morning and evening.

2. Remove makeup before bedtime

Sometimes, falling asleep with makeup happens, however, that is something you shouldn't really do if you want to keep your skin fresh and clear. First, sleeping with makeup on can lead to pore-clogging and premature aging, which are two things that you definitely want to avoid. Also, removing makeup is the best prep for the rest of your routine, as other products will be more able to penetrate your skin and do their magic. The best way to remove makeup is to use micellar water or cleansing oil. Makeup wipes should be avoided, as they can cause microtears in the skin and lead to wrinkles and other signs of aging.

3. Find the best products for your skin type

There are different skin types, so when you use skincare products, you should make sure they're tailored to your specific skin concerns. Luckily, the modern essential skincare has made huge progress in the past decade, so now it's possible to find amazing products with effective ingredients that will be of great help if you're dealing with acne, blackheads, clogged pores, and flaking. Sure, it may take you some time to find your holy grail products, but once you do, your skin will look great. So make sure to do your research and be patient.

4. Use lukewarm water when showering

Showering with steamy hot water can be an amazing relief, especially after a long, cold, and stressful day. But, showering with hot water can also lead to skin dryness, redness, and irritation, which is why it's better to use lukewarm water. If you really love to shower with hot water, at least try alternating between higher and lower water temperatures. Also, don't forget to apply a nourishing body cream or butter after leaving the shower.

5. Treat yourself to some extra care

Some extra care can be super helpful for your skin. Using nourishing sheet masks or mud masks whenever you want to relax is a great way to give your complexion some extra love. Also, going for a professional facial treatment can be of huge help. Just make sure to go to an aesthetician who's reputable, and of course, don't forget to ask all the relevant questions before making an appointment.


These tips are a perfect way to start your new skincare journey. Still, before you go any further, make sure to accept your skin first, as that will help you be more self-confident and determined to grow and feel better about yourself.

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