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  • Full Body Therapy (Executive Room)
    IDR. 185,000 IDR. 176,000 Including Tax & Service
  • Full Body Therapy (VIP Room)
    IDR. 210,000 IDR. 199,000 Including Tax & Service
  • Mixed Treatment (Executive Room)
    IDR. 170,000 IDR. 162,000 Including Tax & Service
  • Mixed Treatment (VIP Room)
    IDR. 195,000 IDR. 186,000 Including Tax & Service

Nakamura is a natural healthy home that provides traditional therapeutic health services performed by traditional health careers who have been educated, trained with the foundations of eastern health sciences (Seitai, Acupressure, meridian, Yin- Yang, Tsubo therapy etc) and western health sciences (anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology Etc.) that have been certified by a Competency Certification Body officially recognized by the government. Various treatments are preventive, promotive and curative provided for you who want to be healthier and fit naturally

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Nakamura Holistic Therapy Sidoarjo

Ruko Pondok Mutiara Harum Blok B-1E Kecamatan Sidoarjo, Jati, Kec. Sidoarjo, Kabupaten Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur 61226

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